An Open Letter To Any Woman Who Has a Dream To Change The World...

Finally!  A
Powerful Method to
Uncover Your Treasure, Map Out Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Dream Achievement,  Eliminate All Negative Barriers, And Transform Your Dreams Into
Hands-On Reality NOW!"


"No more talking about "someday." 
No more whining about obstacles. 
We've pooled together
immense resources to
uncover your destiny 
and blueprint your dream.
At this History Making Event, 
you'll find a dynamic
powerhouse of talent at your disposal,
ready to help you birth your destiny."
-Marnie Pehrson


From the desk of Marnie Pehrson



Dear Fellow Visionary,

This life-changing message is geared toward a mere 3% of the online population.  So it's not for everyone!

But if you're a woman with a God-given dream, unsettled inside, desperate to change the world with your unique passion and gifts... you're about to be handed the tools to transform your dreams into hands-on reality NOW.

I've put together a retreat like no other, geared toward those unique individuals who have a heartbeat to shine the light of heaven on this earth.  To give people hope, truth, courage, insight, tools to make their own lives more powerful. 

At an upcoming Light the World Event, a select group of ladies will converge to continue a revolution.  Each woman will come with her own dream, ready to be birthed and nurtured, supported and grown to maturity.

These women on a mission will be personally guided by my hand-picked "Dream Team" to uncover their treasure, to map out a step-by-step blueprint to dream achievement, to eliminate once and for all the barriers to negative beliefs.  These visionary ladies will receive ongoing support for an entire year to make sure their dreams are given every opportunity to grow up to maturity.

Basically, we're talking results.  No excuses.  100% Support.  Forget any past failures.  Make it Happen -NOW.

If you've felt a tug in your heart to change the world by...

  • Serving in a special way
  • Uncovering an injustice and making things right
  • Encouraging the broken hearted, or
  • Inspiring others to greatness...

...then we're ready to help you map out the steps to make your dream do-able and support you for an entire year in your efforts!

You Can't Do It Alone

Through my books and web sites, I've been helping women discover and live their divine missions for the last decade. In that time, I've met some of the most incredible women who have tutored and supported me in the pursuit of my own dreams. I'm here to tell you, if you have a dream, you can't do it alone. There's nothing like having "sisters" who believe in you and link arms to make your dreams a reality!

You Were Designed for Greatness

Inside you lies something bigger than yourself. Perhaps there's a call so loud within you that it can no longer be ignored. You know you have to start on the path of your dream - you can no longer miserably exist on Riskless Avenue in Comfortville.

I assure you, no matter what you've accomplished in life, you have only seen a glimpse of who you
are and who you're capable of becoming. My team will work with you to uncover and marshal the resources and energy inside you - those seeds of greatness and ideas that have yet to be birthed.

See, God created you for magnificence. He put inside you potential to make your dreams reality. You were sent to earth for a reason. And He wants you to achieve your potential even more than you do.

Who knows the number of unwritten books that lie inside you that could literally change the course of this world? What songs, what music, what help and encouragement still lies within your soul?

At the Light the World conference, you'll be met with a dynamic group of women who are devoted to helping you see the dream inside you lived out. We have found that there's no time to waste worrying about or feeling jealous of someone else's talents. It's much more life-giving to uncover your own!

No more talking about "someday."  No more whining about obstacles.  We've pooled together immense resources to help you discover and blueprint your dream.  You'll have a year of additional support to lift you up when "real life" feels overwhelming, to keep the faith and to realize success.

Meet the Light the World Team

You're Here for a Reason: Discover & Live Your Purpose with Marnie Pehrson

I'm Marnie Pehrson, mother of 6, creator of dozens of web sites, and author of over 20 titles, both fiction and non-fiction.  My passion for nearly 15 years has been  highlighting truth & talent. My dream is to help talented individuals (like you) to  build an online platform for your dream realization.

Each day of the retreat you'll be hearing a little from me about how to build a life around what you were born to do and become a light for others in the process.  I'll also talk about the laws that bring both personal and professional blessings.

While working with me you'll discover how to

  • Let go of insecurities and embrace your unique gifts and talents.
  • Be so confident in yourself that you're genuinely happy for other people's successes.
  • Feel safe in being your authentic self.
  • Experience abundance by living in a state of flow.

Your core message is a cure for other people's pain. You're uniquely called on a mission of mercy. The world needs who you are. God needs you! The question is, how do you package and present that passion so that others easily see they need it? I'll help you explore different venues for sharing your passion whether it's in your local community or on a global level.

Strengthen Your Relationships with Self, God & Others with Judy Hansen

Sometimes you're so close to success, but it still feels light years away. There's this world of abundance that is only blocked by an obstacle you can't seem to move. Perhaps you're constantly fighting discouragement or anger, or you long to reach new heights but immobilizing fear stands in your way.

Let me introduce you to my friend and mentor, Judy Hansen, who for me, was pivotal in removing my boulder (fear) and helped me step into my destiny. Judy will help you remove your obstacles and move from where you are to fearless joy.

An energy intuitive, Judy will help you nurture your dreams, and assist you in discovering who you are as God's crowning creation. Through meditation and forgiveness principles, you'll deepen your relationship with the
Savior Jesus Christ and others in a way you never dreamed possible. These will be tools you'll take home and continue to use on a daily basis. 

Judy sees everything about this world through the innocent childlike eyes of Spirit, believing in the literal reality that the heavenly realm exists right beside us while in this mortal sphere, including God and angels ready and waiting to heal us, teach us, and bless us with all the support we need to achieve our highest purpose. Judy has the unique ability to guide you to that spiritual reality, that place where Spirit is alive and waiting to serve you, and to hold you there until you can see it for yourself, feeling it, knowing it, and trusting it to be your constant guiding light.

Through guided meditations, articles and books, Judy shows others how to experience a daily working relationship with the heavens, a partnership with God. You are literally yoked together with Christ through His gift of atonement, and Judy expects each of us to take that gift and use it to make life what it was always meant to be: loving, joyful, peaceful, and filled with the gratitude that comes as you live the life you were born to live.

Uncover Your Path to Destiny Fulfillment with Lisa Rae Preston

Deep inside your DNA is a core identity that reveals who you were created to be. Most people go a lifetime and never uncover this. But if you're living from your core essence, you naturally attract things to you to help you live that purpose. If you don't know your core passion, you tend to be like a rat on a wheel, always trying to acquire things to make you happy, but nothing ever satisfies. Find out what your core DNA contains -- whether you have a sense of what it is or are totally clueless.

My friend Lisa Rae Preston is the creator of STEP into Destiny, the revolutionary test that uncovers your core passion and reveals how to stay attuned to your God-birthed path to fulfillment! Her 24 years of research in personality theory and "creativity and the brain" gives her a unique perspective on birthing your destiny and walking it out.  Her STEP into Destiny Program will help you identify your core passion, live in harmony with it, and use it to identify your own destiny dream team.

Lisa Rae spent 17 years teaching the writing process and uncovering unique and effective writing techniques. Getting your story down on paper is critical for understanding who you are and what you have to offer the world, and Lisa can help you articulate your core message in a few hours! Lisa's writing strategies will help you develop the authenticity and transparency you need to light the world in the way that only you can! 

While working with Lisa, you'll discover

  • your core passion
  • how to birth dreams, missions, callings, and destinies
  • your personal roadmap to "destiny fulfillment"
  • specific tips and guides to accelerate your journey
  • how to write your own core message book in 11 hours or less!


Get Inspired with Jamie Bartschi

Music therapist and professional performer, Jamie Bartschi, will inspire you to become all you can be as she performs and speaks.  Jamie brings a peaceful and playful balance to our event, creating an atmosphere where you're free to shine. Reconnect with your intuitive sense of your own life's mission and gifts in musically-guided imagery sessions and group music-making improvisations.

Listen to Jamie perform, "Grow Old With Me"

Overcome Your Blocks with Janice Erickson

Prior to the conference you'll receive a 45 minute healing session by phone to help you remove the energetic and emotional blocks that stand in your way!

Janice Erickson, Owner of Total Prevention, Inc., is a Master Herbalist and Alternative Energy Therapist, studying in the field of natural ways of healing and prevention for many years. Janice has developed a unique, intuitive style of healing that is effective and offers clients options for healing and release that goes far beyond physical symptoms to manifest beauty, abundance and health in their everyday lives. 

Janice has an incredible ability to take the ancient blocks and boulders that have been holding you back and toss them aside, liberating you to live your destiny. Through powerful forgiveness techniques, she'll help you give your most heartbreaking fears, anger, resentment and insecurities to God. 

This is a $75 value, yours FREE, when you enroll in the Retreat!

Heal Your Soul & Fall in Love with Your Destiny 
as Sheldon Pickering Shares the Gift of Music

Phenomenal pianist, Sheldon Pickering, joins us to set the tone and bring the Spirit into our event.  As Sheldon says, "Music brings such joyous emotions and so effectively brings the Spirit into lives. It is a gift and a treasure of which I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share with others. I've found that few things can touch and heal a tired and weary soul like a song. I long to share with others the gift that has brought me so much peace and joy." As you listen to his music, you'll feel the calming assurance of the Spirit of God.

Listen to Sheldon play "Our Savior's Love"

I'm so excited to share this setting and my incredible friends with you! I'm convinced you'll

~ Uncover your inspired mission in life.

~ Create a support network to help you walk the path from birthing your passion to seeing it to fruition.

~ Discover how to remove emotional blocks that stand in the way of living your destiny.

~ Learn to totally love yourself and your life.

~ Come away with a written blueprint for living out your passion and destiny.

~ Be encouraged, loved & celebrated the whole way through!

How many people in this world will become stronger men and women, greater husbands and wives, better parents, all because of your example, your testimony, your willingness to make your dream reality?

You are here to make the most of yourself – this simple commitment brings glory to your Creator. Go ahead and be what God meant you to be! Embrace it with audacity and excitement. And link arms with us at the Light the World retreat. You'll find a dynamic powerhouse of talent at your disposal, ready to help you birth your destiny.

Here's to Lighting the World with Your Dream!

Marnie Pehrson
Light the World : Birthing Your Destiny Conference

Workshops Include:

  • Break Through the Barriers of Insecurity
  • Sing the Song God Created You to Sing
  • Discovering Your Core DNA and Passion
  • STEP Into Destiny
  • Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes
  • Learning to Identify and Trust the Holy Spirit
  • Using Meditation to Remove Blocks, Fears & Insecurities
  • Having the Courage to Be Your Authentic Self
  • Writing Your Story -- Articulating Your Core Message for the World
  • Creating Your Dream Blueprint
  • Tapping into God's Grace so You Can Shine
  • Identifying Your Dream Team
  • Marketing Your Message

Ongoing Encouragement/Support

Other people have done what you haven't. Getting to know them and how they do things stretches the rubber band of your thinking and helps you realize your dreams are attainable.

You'll benefit from the composite knowledge, experience, synergy and expertise of multiple mastermind groups! From those who attend our Light the World: Birthing Your Destiny Retreat, we will form mastermind groups with 8-10 women each in them, each led by a mastermind leader. These groups will meet each month by phone. Each month, the mastermind group leader will submit a report of what they've learned and accomplished in their individual groups. These reports will be turned into Light the World and compiled into a PDF containing the cumulative insights and innovations of all the groups. The PDF will be given to all Light the World: Birthing Your Destiny Retreat members who can then benefit from the insights and accomplishments of all the mastermind groups.

This is a $297/month value. 1 year of the Mega Mastermind is included FREE when you attend the Light the World: Birthing Your Destiny Retreat. That's a $3564 Value!

If I had this 20 years ago, there's no telling where I'd be. I wouldn't have groped in the dark, struggling to learn by trial and error for so many years. If I'd had people who'd "been there, done that" showing me the ropes and a solid network of women who believed in me, it would have been priceless.


What Participants Are Saying


"For many years of my life, I have not wanted to be myself. There was so much pain and so much loss that being myself just hurt so very much. So I took on a lot of roles, and escaped through the years through reading and music and other ways. To come home to myself was just not fun. 

Today I've taken a flying leap and it's like my spirit has come back into my body and it's at home, and it's ok to be here. I'm excited to be here, and to be who the Lord made me. I am who He wants me to be, and I have a mission. I'm so excited about it, and I feel like I can finally just express myself without feeling like I have to listen to what other people say about me. Those false beliefs -- I've been able to just set aside. I think that's probably been the number one thing that's changed for me this week." – Jean Grossnickle

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